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The sequence listed below is being deposited and made available prior to scientific publication, with the aim of advancing biomedical research projects. Certain restrictions apply until the sequence is formally published in the scientific literature by the investigators who produced the data.

Investigators are free to use the unpublished data to assist in specific research projects, with appropriate acknowledgement in any publication. However, in accordance with usual scientific practice, these pre-publication data, having been generated for the express purpose of large scale analysis of chromosomes and genomes, may not be used in any way by others to publish or distribute such analyses without prior approval from the submitting group(s), as well as appropriate acknowledgement.

In addition, note that unfinished sequence is preliminary and subject to update and change. You are encouraged to share your own results with the submitting group(s) in order to ensure that you have the most complete information, and to improve the annotation of the sequence data.

Region : D17S842 - D17S953
      Size :   1500 kb
      Status : finished : AL354046, AL160492, AL353997, AL356460, AL353996, AL354047, AL035367, AJ009616, AJ009615, AJ009612, AJ009613, AJ009617, AL354000

Region : D17S695 - D17S654
      Size :   264 kb
      Status : finished : AL450224, AL450226, AL137038 
      Picture :

Dept. Prof. Dr. Hans Lehrach

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